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Anita Maxwell

Anita Maxwell

PUMA Software began life in 1998 when the ladies golf handicapping system changed and it became very difficult to calculate handicaps manually.  As an IT professional I was asked whether it was possible for me to write a system to manage the ladies golf handicaps at my club and this was how PUMA Software was born. At this time I worked as Head of ICT for Sedgefield Borough Council and the handicapping system was just something that I worked on in my spare time.

A couple of years later one of the members of the ladies section asked whether it would be possible for me to create a “spreadsheet” to calculate the winners of our Open Competition. I took this challenge on board and developed the PUMA Open Competition System (which is not a spreadsheet) and has become by far the most popular product in the PUMA portfolio. Durham County Ladies Golf Association found out about the system and I worked with them to create a flexible package that would meet the needs of all the different competitions that they run. Other counties and clubs got to hear of the system and asked whether they could purchase it.

In the intervening years the PUMA Juniors and PUMA Seniors systems have been developed to allow the county Juniors and Vets to manage their members and the activities/events that they run. The seniors system has enhanced over the last couple of year with an online module to allow members to check/amend their membership details and enter events.

I took early retirement 5 years ago but was not ready to stop working so set up PUMA Software “officially”. I will continue to work on the PUMA golfing systems to provide new features and functionality to the existing products, but also to develop new systems to fill gaps in the market.

In addition to golfing software, I am able to provide ICT consultancy, project management and bespoke development work.