PUMA Juniors

The PUMA Juniors system has PUMA Logobeen designed with county or club Junior Organisers in mind and will enable them to keep track of the juniors under their care.

The system allows the user to enter the details of all the juniors and volunteers in their area of responsibility and then to create activities and invite the juniors and volunteers to take part and monitor their progress.

Information stored about the juniors includes name, address, telephone number, emergency contact, age, handicap, medical information, notes, CDH ID and a photograph. Similarly, name, address and telephone information is also stored for the volunteers along with items such as whether they have any first aid qualifications or DBS checks.

The system allows the user to split both the juniors and volunteers into different categories. These are set-up to reflect your requirements e.g. juniors may be divided into beginners, advanced, squad member etc. The system also allows users to define the types of activities (e.g. coaching, competition, match etc.). The golf clubs can also be split into separate areas (e.g. north, south).

The search facility within the PUMA Juniors system can be used to extract information from the database based on user defined criteria, thus making it very flexible and easy to get the information required. The results of a search can be used to automatically populate the juniors and volunteers to take part in an activity.

The system integrates with Microsoft Word (which you will need to purchase separately if you do not have it already) to produce letters either based on activities, juniors or volunteers.

The system comes with a user manual that explains all the features and functionality found within the system.

Q What do I Need?

  • A PC or laptop running Windows 7 or later
  • A printer (for producing reports and labels)
  • Microsoft Word (for producing mail merge documents)
  • A memory-stick (to back-up your data)

Q What do I Get?
A computer system written by an experienced IT professional and golfer with the following features:-

  • Junior details
  • Volunteer details
  • Activity management
  • Mail merge
  • User defined/flexible queries
  • Fully integrates with Microsoft Word
  • Label production
  • Set of standard reports
  • Very readable, easy to understand, jargon free user manual

Maintenance cover aligned to the handicapping year including:-

  • All software updates at no extra cost
  • Free updates to user manual
  • Telephone support service.

Q What does it Cost?
The initial cost of the system is £75 per licence. This cost includes the first maintenance period up until the end of the calendar year. Then a maintenance fee (currently £15) is payable annually. Multiple copes of the system can be purchased at a reduced rate – please contact us with your requirements.