PUMA Golf Software

PUMA LogoPUMA Software have developed a number of systems for managing open competitions, seniors and junior golfing organisation. These are available to golf clubs and affiliated organisations.

These systems have been written by a software developer who is also a keen golfer so is therefore aware of the requirements for these systems to have as much functionality as possible without making them over complicated.

We provide full support for the systems and ensure that they comply with the latest CONGU© regulations where appropriate. We are always open to suggestions to improve the products by adding additional features and work with our users to ensure that the systems meet their requirements.

The systems are fully tested to ensure that they work with the latest versions of the Windows operating system and users will always be informed in good time when older versions of the operating system are no longer supported.

We provide one major release each year to ensure that all users are running the latest version of the software that complies with current CONGU© rules. Minor releases may be made available during the golfing season to fix any bugs.

The systems have been updated to comply with the Worldwide Handicapping System but unfortunately it was not cost effective to obtain a license to transfer data too and from the WHS portal.

We pride ourselves on the support provided to our users to ensure that any issues that they have are resolved as quickly as possible.

What Support, very much appreciated

Peter Pharoh – Dudsbury Golf Club

Thank you so much for all your help, we are now up and running ready for our first open at the end of the month.

Gillian Lyth – Crosby Golf Club