After much deliberation, I have decided that I will not be taking up CONGU’s license to access the WHS Portal. This means that I will no longer produce the PUMA Handicapping System and that the other systems, whilst still functioning, will no longer be able to transfer data to and from the new CDH. From the 2021 season onwards therefore, these are the implications:-

For PUMA Seniors, the functionality to look up players’ CDH numbers and current handicaps will no longer be possible.

For PUMA Open Competitions, the results of singles competitions will no longer be able to be transferred to the CDH, thus effectively removing the option of running singles competitions from the system. Whilst individual stroke-play competitions are the only authorised format of play in the Worldwide Handicapping System currently, I believe that it is intended to introduce other formats in future. As these are rolled out over a period of years, the PUMA Open Competition System will not be able to transfer these scores to the CDH either.

PUMA Open Competitions will no longer be able to look up players’ names from their CDH number, nor pull down players’ current handicaps.

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