2021 Invoices

PUMA Open Competitions cannot communicate with the new WHS handicapping portal. Therefore you will no longer be able to download up to date handicaps from within the PUMA Open Competitions System, also you will not be able to transfer scores from any qualifying competitions back to the WHS portal. Obviously if you are not running qualifying competitions this will have very little impact on your use of the system as all the remaining functionality remains.

I have been working on the system to ensure that as far as possible it is compatible with WHS. This includes the functionality for you to input the slope of the course, and the calculation of course and playing handicaps from the handicap indexes entered manually on the start sheets. The new handicap allowances recommended by England Golf have been programmed into the system(which can be changed if required).

I will be sending out invoices for 2021 in December and I’d be grateful if you could let me know before then if you no longer wish to continue to use the system so that your organisation can be excluded from the invoice run.

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