2018 PUMA Maintenance Invoices

The PUMA maintenance invoices for 2018 will be sent out soon. I’d be grateful if you could advise me of any changes to the contact details I have for your organisation.

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CONGU Updates for 2018

I am currently working on the latest CONGU changes and can confirm that these will be ready in time for the 2018 releases. The main changes for PUMA Open Competitions are:-

  • When calculating the CSS in a medal round, use the Stableford point adjusted net score to determine whether a score is within the player’s buffer zone.
  • Retirement of club and disability handicaps and the introduction of category 5 (for men) and 6 for both men and women (taking handicaps up to 54).
  • Support for 9 hole medal competitions and 9 hole open competitions.
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PUMA Open Competitions – Live Leader Board

New functionality will be available with the 2018 release of PUMA Open Competitions to generate a live leader board that you can link to your website. Players are then able to view the results from home (or anywhere else where there is an internet connection). There will be a small charge for this module of £10 per annum to cover hosting costs.

Please get in contact if you are interested.

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2017 Software Maintenance Invoices

The annual PUMA Software maintenance invoices for 2017 are about to be sent out. Therefore if you have any contact detail changes please send then to me as soon as possible.

Many Thanks

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CONGU Updates for 2017

I can confirm that all PUMA Golfing Software is compatible with the latest CONGU specification for 2017.

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PUMA Open Competitions – More Updates

Additional functionality has been added to the PUMA Open Competition System to meet user request  as follows:-

  • The Prizewinners report will now deal with gross scores in Betterball competitions and allocate gross prizes as required..
  • When entering scores there is now a button which provides a quick method to enter No Returns.
  • The system will now cope with professional golfers taking part in singles competitions with amateurs. They are not included in the calculation of the CSS and their scores are not sent to CDH.
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PUMA Open Competitions – Sending Scores to the CDH

When sending scores to the CDH it is important that the information is as accurate as possible. Last season a number of users sent results where the date of the competition was completely wrong e.g. the year had been entered incorrectly (or not changed if the competition has been copied). To try an resolve this, a check was added to the 2016 release to make sure that the competition date was no more than 30 days prior to sending the results to the CDH. However, although the number of errors reduced it did not get rid of them completely.

In order to try to ensure that the competition date is always set up correctly, the number of days allowed to send scores to CDH has been reduce further to 7. i.e. you must send the results of the competition to the CDH within 7 days of the competition date. This should have very little effect on the way that you run the system as results are normally sent to the CDH within a couple of days of the competition.

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Older Operating Systems

As notified previously, the end of Microsoft extended support for Windows Vista is April 2017. Therefore the next set of releases of all PUMA Golf Software will use 2013 of Access Runtime that will not run on Windows Vista or any earlier versions of the Windows operating system (e.g. Windows XP).

As part of the installation process the version of Access Runtime will automatically be updated.

The PUMA systems will run on Windows 7 and later.

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PUMA Open Competitions – Import Entrants from Excel

It is now possible to import competition entrants from an Excel spreadsheet. The format of the spreadsheet used for importing competitor information must contain all of the following columns, the column names must be typed into the first row of the spreadsheet and must be typed exactly as shown below:-

  • Tee Time
  • Player 1 CDH ID
  • Player 1 Name
  • Player 1 Club
  • Player 2 CDH ID
  • Player 2 Name
  • Player 2 Club
  • Player 3 CDH ID
  • Player 3 Name
  • Player 3 Club
  • Player 4 CDH ID
  • Player 4 Name
  • Player 4 Club

an example spreadsheet is available from the downloads section of the website.

If you are running a singles or pairs competition then some of the columns can be left blank (e.g. player 3 and player 4 information) but the columns must exist in the spreadsheet. The system will import competitor information from a CDH number, or you can enter their name and club into the spreadsheet. If all the information is entered i.e. CDH number, name and club, the information from the CDH is checked against the name and club that you have entered into the spreadsheet. If you do not have the information, leave the column blank and the system will import what it can.

When run the import, the system first checks each tee time to see whether any information has been entered for player 1. If there is nothing currently in the startsheet for player 1, it then checks whether a CDH number has been entered for player 1 in the spreadsheet. If so, the CDH is queried to get the player’s name, club and handicap. If the player’s name and club information has also been entered into the spreadsheet (in addition to the CDH number) the system will check the data on the spreadsheet against the information from the CDH and display an error message if they are not the same. If no CDH number has been entered for player 1, the system just copies the name and club from the spreadsheet into the PUMA system. This process is then repeated for players 2, 3 and 4.

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PUMA Open Competitions – Updates

The order in which competitions are displayed in many screens within the PUMA Open Competition System has been changed so that the latest ones are at the top of the first screen i.e. they are shown in date order descending.

A new option has been added to the PUMA Open Competitions Results module to allow results to be displayed on a wider screen – this allows more information to be displayed on each screen and is compatible with most modern laptops.

The simplest way to display results now is to attach a HDMI cable to your laptop and connect it to a TV screen. You can then use the Extended Screen functionality within Windows to show the results on the TV screen whilst you enter the scores on the laptop screen.

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